We specialize in providing the BK117-850D2 , which is a versatile, proven CAT A/CLASS 1 compliant helicopters. Our crews, engineers and operations team are highly experienced in operating in remote and austere environments and at the same time providing a high standard of service that meets and exceeds OPG and BAR’s requirements.

We can provide bespoke helicopter services ranging from full ACMI packages with full operational support to dry leasing of helicopters. Our unique Airwork Support Plan (ASP) can be tailored to fit you exact requirements.

  • Precision Long Line (powerline, drill rigs, underslung survey equipment, construction)
  • Surveys
  • Passenger transport
  • Remote operations
  • High value product transport
  • Fully supported long term ACMI contracts with bespoke engineering support packages
  • Adapting to individual clients corporate HSE regulations and BARS and OPG
  • Cat A performance operations
  • Wet and dry lease
  • BK117-850D2 sales

Operations Manager

RSA Office: +27 12 543 0598


Mike Hall, General Manager

MOBILE: +64 275 800 444